How Many Times A Day Do You Vape??

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to vape a lot! Sometimes I will vaporize up to 10 times in a single day. Now keep in mind that this is not my normal routine, and not something that I participate in regularly, but it does happen on occasion. I think that people who only vape once or twice a day are missing the point, and it can really have a lasting effect on your mentality if you don’t vape enough. This is why I always recommend that people who are just getting started vape at least 5 times per day. To newbies this often sounds like a lot, but trust me you want to vape as much as possible. You want to continuously medicate yourself and give yourself the change to get in touch with the deeper side of you, the one who wants to vape his face off!

So now that you are vaping regularly, the next obvious question is what to vaporize. Many people like to just stick with the traditional dried herb approach, but me I like to use oils and concentrates. With wax the experience is much more intense, and you don’t have to worry about stirring up the bowl every two seconds like you do with dried herbal blends. Of course oils have their complications as well, don’t get me wrong here. With oils, you constantly have to make sure that you are not filling up the chamber too much or the oils will leak out all over the place and make you one unsatisfied customer. You must use your vaporizer every single day so that you get used to how it feels and what the best operating principles are for that particular unit.

If you are willing to invest some time into learning exactly how to use a vaporizer, then you will be in a much better place. You really can’t forget that there are still new people out there who are trying to learn this industry right from the get go. If you are willing to share some of your stories and experiences with them then you will feel confident about the knowledge that you have accumulated over the years. It will finally have been worth it and you will get a great sense of personal satisfaction, knowing that you have contributed some high quality knowledge to someone else. There is just something about helping a customer find the perfect vaporizer for their situation that puts a smile on my face and makes me feel warm inside. Yes, although it may sound corny…some days that is all that I live for and that’s okay with me.

How To Properly Conceal Your Vaporizer

So you want to hide your vaporizer in plain sight? How do you propose you do that? The best way to do that is to purchase a Puffit Vaporizer. It is so unique in its design that no one will ever know unless you tell them. The Puffit Vaporizer is designed to look just like an asthma inhaler. It’s even similar in color as an asthma inhaler. The only difference is that instead of being for asthma medicine the Puffit is for medical marijuana and dry-herbs.

Many people are carrying asthma inhalers every day and no one thinks to check and make sure the asthma inhaler is actually for asthma. The best thing about the Puffit is that you can actually tell someone you have asthma and they won’t think twice about you puffing away on your “inhaler”. This makes this vaporizer such a discreet vaporizer. You can take it to work, or out on the town, you can even use it out in public in plain sight and no one will know the difference.
The Puffit features a temperature gauge that ranges from 1-8, with temperatures being reached in 30-40 seconds max. When left alone it will automatically shut down after 90 seconds of no use. The gold plated herb chamber provides even distribution of heat throughout the chamber. The Puffit only weighs 2.8 lbs. making it a lightweight option for portability. Made with medical grade plastic and gold plated herb chamber. It heats up to 250-430 degrees. It takes around 3 hours to charge and you can get about 30-40 puffs off the Puffit. There is only a 1 year warranty on the device and a 90 day warranty on the battery so the warranty doesn’t last long but the price is affordable enough that you could replace it if something goes wrong.

When you first receive it you will need to charge it fully before use and register your warranty for faster replacements in case of defect. When ready to use it make sure you grind your herb up really fine so you get the best vapor out of it. Put the herb in the chamber and replace the cap. Set your temperature around 6-8 and enjoy your puffs. Cleaning your Puffit is pretty simply, by doing regular maintenance of emptying the chamber right away after use you can prevent having to do extensive cleaning. But if cleaning is needed use a q-tip and alcohol to rub it clean, never submerge it in any liquid. The only con about this device is the battery life is pretty short. But that is not as important as the quality of your puffs.

Information on Vaporizer Pens

There is a great deal of valuable research in existence that supports the positive view point that marijuana smokers take on medical cannabis and marijuana legislation. Legalizing this substance is important in achieving our social and economic goals for the future, as it will allow our society to reap a great benefit if we would only engage in activities that would produce it. Prescribing medical cannabis to patients to use with a vaporizer pen across our country is extremely valuable, and doctors must continue to provide patients with the information necessary to offer them a comprehensive understanding on the subject. Having a complete understanding of medical marijuana is critical to finally reaching a point where you can be confident that you have went down the right path. Finding others that support you in your quest to engage in medical marijuana smoking can be beneficial to your overall understanding of this industry and why so many people are avid supporters of it. Politicians in Washington are starting to understand the people’s demand that this valuable substance be legalized, and we should probably see a great change regarding marijuana laws within the next couple of years. One of the best ways that we can advance this process at a faster rate is to engage the politicians within our local districts and let them know are strong opinions about this subject.

Medical marijuana and people that smoke it can create an atmosphere within this society that is extremely stereo typical and has many negative connotations associated with it. However, we must not let the thoughts and opinions of others dictate our own responsibility to spread positive information on a regular basis which will allow people within our society to freely make their own decisions based on the information that has been provided. Providing this valuable information to people within our society is perhaps the most important responsibility that we can engage in to allow us to advance into the next stage of social evolution. Smoking medical marijuana with devices such as vaporizers is an extremely popular option in our current society, as it allows people to take advantage of the many health benefits that exist within this industry and also allows them to creates experiences which are desirable for the patients and medical doctors involved in this complex process.

Vaporizing your herbs is a great option especially for people who have failed to engage in this activity excepts for conventional smoking methods such as pipes and bongs. While these devices may offer users valuable experiences that they may then build upon to reach new levels of understanding, we must try to accelerate the advancement of vaporizing technology and engineering within this industry. Manufacturers who support product creation and offer incentives to spark new levels of design innovation are more likely to succeed within this industry as they are more adaptable to the psychology necessary to achieve success in this atmosphere. Consistently analyzing the marketplace is one way to determine how to approach these specific situations in advance into the next stage of product creation and development.

Vaporizing Your Herbs

Using a vaporizer to smoke your marijuana can be extremely beneficial for many different reasons. The first, and most obvious, is that it is extremely better for your health than using traditional smoking methods that use combustion. Typical combustion methods supply users with a host of harmful toxins that contaminate the bloodstream and interfere with respiratory functions and make it harder to breathe under these circumstances. However, using a vaporizer produces less toxic chemicals in allows you to consume the active compounds in the herbal structure without actually inhaling the harmful byproducts produced during combustion. This enables users to participate in these extended smoking sessions without actually consuming harmful chemicals that usually would deferred them from performing such actions. These harmful chemicals are well-known throughout the scientific community to be catalysts for cancers and other health problems later on in life if they are continually exposed to them. Scientists have recommended that in order to steer clear of these harmful substances, it is necessary to use these efficient devices known as portable vaporizers to consume your marijuana. Consuming your marijuana with a vaporizer is extremely easy once you have developed the ability to operate these devices without hesitation. Many different vaporizers will come with an LCD display that allows you to continuously adjust the temperature to suit your own specific needs. Many different vaporizers will also be sold with the remote control which allows you to control the temperature from across the room while you are still utilizing the device for your specific needs.

Vaporizers also have a range of other functions which allow users to load up their favorite choice herbs in chambers and allow them to keep their devices maintained at the same time. There are many different chambers which are designed to hold the marijuana in which you are going to ignite the plant matter. There are chambers made of glass as well as metal, and a host of other materials that have been designed for optimum performance. These devices function at a high level that allow users to take advantage of the many benefits that are provided from these positively accepted devices within the marijuana smoking community. The best way to begin continue to take advantage of these complex devices is to allow them to be bought and sold in the free marketplace of be purchased by consumer supply and demand which will dictate their use. These advanced devices are extremely beneficial to smokers who seek an alternative to traditional combustion methods which are now outdated at this current time. Once you have grasped the importance of using of vaporizer to benefit your own personal health you will be more likely to participate in these activities on a regular basis. Buying a vaporizer is an important decision for you and your family especially if you are regularly participating in smoking marijuana. If you find a reputable company to purchase your vaporizers from, you should stick with them for the long haul because they will likely give you special coupons and offers that you can continue to take advantage of on a regular basis.

Vaping on the Go

There are many avid supporters of the pax of vaporizer by the company ploom. This vaporizer has taken the market by storm and has many avid supporters throughout the marijuana smoking community. This is a great vaporizer for many different reasons, from the compact portable nature to the easy loading chamber, this vaporizer truly has something for every smoker on the planet. However, there are some serious contestants for that number one spot, such as the da Vinci for example. The da Vinci portable vaporizer also offers a unique experience for the customer in many different ways. The da Vinci has a unique whip that comes out of the top of the vaporizer itself to allow the customer to maneuver it into different positions to allow them to have a more convenient experience overall.

Regardless of which vaporizer you tend to lean towards, you must agree that a portable vaporizer is an excellent option for anyone who is into marijuana smoking in this day and age. Smoking marijuana with a portable vaporizer is an excellent option and will provide customers with the unique ability to consume their choice herbs while still remaining active in their daily lifestyles. These amazing little devices allow marijuana smokers to perform their daily routines without having to constantly stop in order to participate in an extended smoking session. These smoking sessions consist of many different people sitting around a vaporizer in a circle consuming their favorite marijuana strains. However, this is usually counterproductive and results in a lot of horseplay in joking around without actually contributing to your daily activities in a certain way. This is why many people prefer to smoke by themselves using a portable unit vaporizer pen tube allow them to maintain their daily progression through their routine activities.

Using a portable vaporizer can be highly beneficial to people who operate in an elite space that allows them to participate in productive activities on a daily basis. These proactive people reach out on a level that is unrivaled by any other people within the society and their error able to accomplish twice the amount within the same timeframe as other people. It’s probably because they are so success conscious that they allow themselves to remain unlimited and are not held back by their own self-limiting beliefs. These people are prevalent throughout our society and we should seek to understand them and imitate their ways of thinking and being. If we can all act more like these productive people in our society and we will be better off as a nation to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Society and Drugs

A great way to remain healthy and this current society is to exercise on an elliptical machine on a regular basis. But if you cannot afford to go to the gym on a regular basis and you are forced to work out in your apartment and you must buy a kettle bell to enable yourself to participate in these activities without any hesitation. A kettle bell can be a great workout for anyone that is in the mindset to get more healthy and lose weight but doesn’t want to go to the gym on a daily basis. It’s important for you to exercise regularly and if you don’t get enough oxygen in your bloodstream you will feel lightheaded and very under the weather and and a mental fog. These mental on clarifications can last for a long time if we don’t take advantage of the exercising information which is provided to was on a regular basis through this complex digital information network that we are provided called the Internet. This advanced form of communication allows us to exchange ideas on a regular basis without having to interfere with each other’s thought processes and complicate things on a deeper level. We must continue to understand that we must extract these ideas from these experiences which we are going through on a regular basis and have each other analyze them so that we can dictate what is going on in this situation.


A great way to become a more healthy and responsible American especially if you are a marijuana smoker is to begin participating in using a vaporizer to consume your wave favorite substances. These magical devices offer users portability and convenience that was never seen before in this society without any hard limitations. This method of vaporizer usage has left us with a unique ability to be able to add convenience to our lifestyles that was previously unavailable to users throughout the community. People in our society are readily available to participate in these complex interactions which allow was to mitigate the responsibilities of the people within the community. Our favorite herbal substances are marijuana and incense to burn on a regular basis to D stress and allow ourselves to reach a level of peace and tranquility that is very rare in our society. The scarcity of stress-free work life is the reason that we seek to explore these alternative territories and understand the ways of the shaman who experiences with plans to restore his life energy. As long as we continue to communicate these advanced ideas them we will be more than likely to succeed in our quest to develop these deep understandings of this psychological information.

Using a portable vaporizer to consume your marijuana is an excellent option in this day and society as we are now being forced to confront these deep situations in which we must enact our own abilities to conquer these deep thoughts and challenges the we are now facing on a regular basis. These interpretations of these complex situations are allowing us exaltation on the top of this mountain to get to the place what we are trying to express ourselves and reach this deep understanding on a deep human level. These spiritual activities are allowing us to communicate on a regular basis and dominate this situation to allow us to advance into the next stage of social evolution. For more info check out this post here.

Vaporizing Your Herbs

When you vaporizing herbs, you are carefully and seductively heating it in order to release the active compounds which are expelled into the air using hot air convection or conduction systems to activate this process. The most common type of vaporizer uses the convection heating system to provide the user with these advanced complex premium experiences that they must delegate to each other on a daily basis. A portable vaporizer uses a suction system which allows the heated air to be funneled through the herb manually with the with which is forced through the herb I have fan and allows the vaporizer to extract the chemical compounds in a timely fashion. During typical combustion, the leftover plant matter is left a dark black color and looks like ash as it has been sufficiently evaporated into the users lung tissue. A vaporizer, however, does not actually burn the product, as the structural integrity of the herb is left virtually untarnished after vaporization. A lot of people that use vaporizers often report that the vapor has a much more assured pace than the typical smoke that they are ingesting during combustion methods. This is likely due to the fact that of vaporizer uses a more refined extraction process which allows the active compounds to be separated from the stock of the plant without extracting the harmful byproducts which cause respiratory irritation. Also, with a vaporizer you have the option to keep reusing the same piece of material and recycling the same herb more than just one usage in one sitting as long as there is a sufficient piece of the plant matter left. When you use of vaporizer you have the ability to control the exact temperature at which the plant matter is heated, giving you complete control over the entire process and the degree of the vaporization. Depending upon the degree at which you are vaporizing, you will be releasing certain active compounds from the plant matter which may vary depending upon the exact temperature. Many different marijuana smokers will use this temperature to gain the desired effects from the Irv whether it be it’s anxiolytic properties or its sedative properties. This is interesting as there are different compounds released during different temperatures which give different effects, so you must experiment with yourself to figure out exactly which one is more desirable for your specific situation. Are you looking to just lose some anxiety from smoking this pot, or are you interested in this the dative effects of this marijuana plants to enable you to have a deeper sleeping experience where you can participate in some REM sleep. No matter which you choose, a portable vaporizer is an excellent choice to support your current situation to experience the added benefits that you are seeking to activate with this unique product. For more info read this post.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer

volcano vaporizer

Today we’re going to be digging into perhaps the most popular, efficient vaporizer on the planet, the volcano!  This is one of the best, if not the best vapes ever created by famous manufacturing company storz & bickel.  This is a forced fan vaporizer which operates by burning up the marijuana, turning it into vapor and using a fan to fill up a giant plastic bag which allows the user to take giant drags of pure vapor.  This great device has offered users all over the world the unique ability to sit down and have extended vaping sessions and enjoy themselves like nothing ever created before in existence.  The volcano digital vaporizer is simply amazing and we will not stop singing it’s praises for a long time to come. buy the volcano digital vaporizer here.  The volcano digital is the best vaporizer on the planet, but many users still prefer to use the classic version as well.  We like the digital because it gives users the ability to have more granular control over the device and really control exactly what temperature their plant matter is being vaporized at.  This amazing device is not portable, but it is the top stand alone unit which exists today.  The volcano truly is the epitomy of vaporizing technology in this futuristic time.

volcano digital vaporizer

volcano digital vaporizer


With all of it’s praises sung, we can only recommend that you try this badass device out for yourself.  You will not regret it.  I know it may seem like a lot of money to spend up front for a device that you will only be using for smoking marijuana, but trust me, this device is worth every single cent.  This thing is so advanced and gives you the purest form of vapor available that I would recommend it to every single marijuana smoker on the planet.  It’s simply the best vaporizing device that has ever been created in this history of pot smoking, it’s that good.  The consensus is simple and the verdict is in, this thing is awesome, now stop fiddling around and go and buy yourself one!  If you keep on hesitating and waiting on making your final purchasing decision then you will just end up regretting it later when you are stuck using below par devices and cheap replicas and knock offs.  Speaking of knock offs, you really need to watch where you are purchasing your vaporizers from online, because there are a lot of places selling cheap replicas, especially on eBay and related cheap auction house sites.  These devices do not last long at all and they will not give you the premium vaping experience that you have come to expect from a powerful vaporizer such as the volcano.  So do yourself a favor and go pick one of these bad boys up today!


The Benefits of using a Vaporizer

One of the best ways to start looking for a portable vaporizer is to consider the different circumstances in which you will be using this type of unit in your day to day lifestyle. You may wish to consider a vaporizer pan if you are constantly on the go and moving throughout the city on a day-to-day basis. However, you’ll want to make sure that you are in a state which recognizes the legality of marijuana such as Colorado or California. Recreational usage has just been legalized in Colorado and there are many different dispensaries that are now able to legally sell customers marijuana on a regular basis. This is a huge advancement for our community and we should be extremely happy to be able to witness this event in our lifetimes as it marks a huge milestone in history that will be remembered for a long time. This will go down in history as one of the biggest changes that this country has ever seen and will lay the groundwork for a new foundation that will change the entire course of existence for all people involved within life on this planet. This new era will continue to flourish and people will continue to experience things and experiences that they have never lived through before and things will continue to expand and contract in the ever fluxing energy of the universe. Many people think that we are in the dawn of a golden age and life is about to get extremely well for all people living on the planet. This is why you should really sit down and take a good hard look at yourself and figure out exactly what your goals are for the upcoming years. Most people have highly ambitious health goals and this falls right in line with buying a portable vaporizer and using it to avoid consuming toxic and harmful chemicals that are produced as byproducts from typical combustion methods.

With the advancement of digital technologies and highly advanced smoking devices there is no reason to still consume marijuana with these outdated methods which produce byproducts which are harmful to the human respiratory system and lung tissue. Scientists have clearly determined and run many different tests which have concluded that smoking is extremely harmful to your health and using a vaporizer can be extremely positive and has many benefits for your long-term well-being. Doctors have also researched and done extensive testing to determine that the best way to avoid getting cancer is to only inhale the vapor instead of the full smoke which is produced during combustion or direct flame heating methods. Using of vaporizer also reduces the amount of carbon monoxide gases within the smoke as it only heats up the active ingredients in the plant matter to give you the most premium vaping experience possible on the planet. Once you have begun starting to use of vaporizer you will never go back to traditional smoking methods such as pipes and bongs because you will be so enthusiastic about this new method that you will tell all of your friends how beneficial it is to your health and your home. Another great benefit to smoking with a vaporizer is that it produces a lot less smoke and also less fragrance to irritate your nose and respiratory systems. Most people who live with marijuana smokers but who don’t smoke themselves are very grateful for this positive quality as they usually get very irritated at the excess smoke coming from the person’s room on a daily basis. This way, by using of vaporizer, it allows these two different types of people to happily coexist in the same habitat and get along without any problems or negative social interactions that would have normally resulted from using traditional smoking methods which produce excess smoke and cause irritation to nearby people. For more info check out this post here.

Herbal Vaporizer World – Best Vaporizers on the Internet!

It is hard going through all the online stores and finding the perfect portable vaporizer. We not only have the greatest herbal vaporizers, the most information, but we also have the best reviews on the internet!

volcano vaporizer

We have all types of vaporizers in stock! Please check out our selection to find the vaporizer that is right for you!

So Many Vaporizers – I Need Some Reviews!

If you’re searching for the perfect marijuana vaporizer, this article will serve as an invaluable resource. Below you’ll find descriptions of the top five vaporizers based on performance, convenience and functionality. Your path to obtaining the best vaporizer around is off on the right foot.

iInhale Portable Herbal Vaporizer

iinhale vaporizer

The iInhale portable vape goes a lengthy way toward dispelling the parable that portable vapes aren’t as effective / effective as stationary vapes. The iInhale is changing the landscape of the portable vape market by supplying wealthy vapor delivery and ideal plant conservation. Able to slot in the palm of the hands, the iInhale weighs in at under most mobile phones and it is run by a tiny bit of butane gas without any risk for your health. Requiring no cords or batteries, this is among the most versatile vapes available. It doesn’t have any easier than this. You are able to go ahead and take iInhale nearly anywhere and experience as much as 2 continuous hrs of premium vaporization.

Easy Vape Digital Herbal Vaporizer

easy vape

Old-fashioned meets new school using the Easy Vape digital herbal vape. The Simple Vape includes the classic box look having a leading edge Vast screen for digital temperature read-outs and standing texting. What am i saying for you? This means the Easy Vape provides a “hands free” vape experience that notifies you exactly once the vape is prepared for optimal use. Lightweight and sturdy, the simple Vape is made from top quality thermoplastic components and also the latest in ground glass technology. This is a great option for individuals searching for an elegant vape with outstanding performance.

Remote Controlled Extreme Herbal Vaporizer

extreme q vaporizer

This vape includes a handheld remote control it doesn’t get a lot better than that. Using the handheld remote control you are able to adjust the temperature, adjust the fan speed for optimal inhalation rate, and energy the vape off and on (additionally, it comes with an automatic energy off function for additional safety and convenience). The Arizer Extreme Q Vape also doubles being an aroma therapy machine! Filled with balloon kits, tube mouth pieces, an aromatherapy bowl, cyclone bowls and much more, the ultimate Vape is within a category of their own. If you are searching for a multidimensional top end vape, it is really an outstanding selection for you.

Volcano Digital Herbal Vaporizer

The Volcano Digital Vape is perhaps the best vape available on the market. This advanced vape provides the epitome of top end performance and it is considered by many people is the pinnacle of vape science. Digital temperature display (both in Fahrenheit and Celsius) makes identifying vapor readiness very simple. Suitable for both a simple valve & solid valve system, the Volcano is seen among the simplest vapes to make use of. The removable Volcano balloon enables you to definitely bring your vapor anywhere. In a position to hold multiple hits, this balloon mechanism may also store your vapor for approximately 8 hrs. The Volcano usually has a lot of handy components, including an plant grinder. A brand new Volcano also has a two year limited warranty which matches a lengthy way toward feeling confident with you buy the car. The volcano vaporizeris usually a little more costly than other herbal vapes, but in most honesty, it’s worth it.

I really hope this short article was useful for making the best herbal vape purchase. Happy vaporization everybody!