The Pros and Cons of the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Why do I think that the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer really should be in the top 10 vaporizer review pages? Keep in mind, even a vaporizer has it’s pros and cons. This even can be applied to the Magic Flight Launch Box hookah I am aware I am not really objective as I swear by this product. I promise I will try to forget my feelings about the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer so that you will get the best out of me..

Let’s begin! Let’s begin!. What I love and don’t love about the Magic Flight Launch Box.

The best feature of the Magic Flight Launch Box is its size. It really has the size of an ordinary matchbox. To me, this was, what amazed me the most. I immediately understood that this is what I wanted. I can put it into my pocket of my jeans. Which also means that I can always bring it along. .

The moment you realize this, you also notice how effective and efficient this vaporizer must be. Why? Because you only see an ordinary AA rechargeable battery and you read that this vaporizer is ready in literally 5 seconds after plugging in the battery. I had to test it, that’s for sure as I couldn’t believe it. I was absolutely blown away by the taste of the herb I used. I couldn’t believe it. Just try to imagine; you know how good herbs can smell, right?. But now you have the smell AND the taste in your mouth. I simply couldn’t believe it as the taste in my mouth was really the herb itself in its pure essence. I still cannot believe my first reaction; I was stunned that this was possible with this little device. I guess you also start to realize that once you start vaping with this device, you should stay away from cheap or bad herbs as you will taste them. That’s a promise!. You only want to use quality herbs with this device. Oh, I almost forgot to tell, but it is also very weird when exhaling as you will not see any smoke coming out of your mouth.

The 3rd supporting point shall be the strength of the device. As it builds simple it also means that there are hardly any parts that can break. I even dropped it on the floor a few times and the device was still in one piece. I am kind of clumsy and therefore this device is the device for me.

Another advantage is the price. Just €84!. This is not a price I get scared of.

And last (but not necessarily least) we’ve got the 5th point in support of the overall feeling you get when having one. 1. It gives me the feeling that my habit is way better for my health than smoking it with tobacco. There is overwhelming proof on the internet that vaping is way better for your health than smoking tobacco. 2. I get the feeling of freedom with it. I just put it into the pockets of my jeans. In no way I am disturbed by the volume of this device. I almost forget I have it on me. 3. The high I get from it is also amazing. No down effects, I usually experience when smoking a joint. Nothing of that!. It’s solely a good feeling


For balance then let’s hear from the other side, those opposed, the “Con” side:

The first negative is the price if you ask me. Does this simple, yet effective device justify the price?. Basically, this device consists out of some wood, a few metal elements, two rechargeable AA batteries, and a tube. That’s it. This doesn’t give you the feeling you get when you buy a Mercedes. I got a cheap feeling. But after re-thinking about it, I also realize that simple inventions are worth the price as well. I find this device a real invention. As soon as I realized this, the price was no objection to me anymore. Don’t forget the pros here. As the materials used are simply what you need in order to make it a high-quality product that does what it is supposed to do, for a long time… The looks only give you a ‘cheap’feeling, not the level of quality. So, to me, this isn’t really a negative feeling.

And the second negative point is the tube is made out of glass. I am actually afraid that this piece of the device will someday drop on the floor; to find it in 1000 pieces lying on the floor. It hasn’t happened yet. But still, this drawback is in the back of my head. I would have used another kind of material. I do understand that a straw-like pipe will influence the flavor. An in order to clean the pipe now and then, glass is really effective. A few wipes and you’re set to go vaping again. I can imagine that glass is the only really good material for this device. But still, it gives me the creeps when thinking about it when I drop the vaporizer on the floor. But I know for sure that the rest of the vaporizer is strong enough. It’s rock solid.

The third point in contra is going to be the cheap looks and feel. Its wooden casing makes it look like you made it yourself. On the other hand, the looks draw attention from others as well. Well, at that moment you’re back to the topics of the advantages; people are really amazed to hear about this vaporizer.

A fourth negative point will be the battery-powered system. As you know its purpose is to become hot. You do this with your batteries. In order to achieve this kind of heating, the battery becomes warm (not hot) as it is giving everything it has got. So far I’ve never run out of battery power in one night. With 2 batteries you should have enough power to supply yourself and a friend a whole night long.

You need to be careful with your new habit; it is becoming so easy to start vaping; it can really become a negative item, haha. Really, the ease is really a danger. In 5 seconds you’re vaping and if you are like me, it becomes very easy if this vaporizer is in your pocket!. The high is really good and therefore so damn close and easy. It really is a threat!. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about this

So what will it be? Good or bad?

I just love it! Well, I leave it up to you to decide

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