Vaporizing Your Herbs

When you vaporizing herbs, you are carefully and seductively heating them in order to release the active compounds which are expelled into the air using hot air convection or conduction systems to activate this process.

The most common type of vaporizer uses the convection heating system to provide the user with these advanced complex premium experiences that they must delegate to each other on a daily basis.

A portable vaporizer uses a suction system which allows the heated air to be funneled through the herb manually

Which is forced through the herb I have fan and allows the vaporizer to extract the chemical compounds in a timely fashion.

During typical combustion, the leftover plant matter is left a dark black color and looks like ash as it has been sufficiently evaporated into the user’s lung tissue.

A vaporizer, however, does not actually burn the product, as the structural integrity of the herb is left virtually untarnished after vaporization.

A lot of people that use vaporizers often report that the vapor has a much more assured pace than the typical smoke that they are ingesting during combustion methods.

This is likely due to the fact that of vaporizer uses a more refined extraction process which allows the active compounds to be separated from the stock of the plant without extracting the harmful byproducts which cause respiratory irritation.

Also, with a vaporizer, you have the option to keep reusing the same piece of material and recycling the same herb more than just one usage in one sitting as long as there is a sufficient piece of the plant matter left. When you use a vaporizer you have the ability to control the exact temperature at which the plant matter is heated, giving you complete control over the entire process and the degree of the vaporization.

Depending upon the degree at which you are vaporizing, you will be releasing certain active compounds from the plant matter which may vary depending upon the exact temperature.


Many different marijuana smokers will use this temperature to gain the desired effects from the Irv whether it be its anxiolytic properties or its sedative properties. This is interesting as there are different compounds released during different temperatures that give different effects, so you must experiment with yourself to figure out exactly which one is more desirable for your specific situation.

Are you looking to just lose some anxiety from smoking this pot, or are you interested in the dative effects of these marijuana plants to enable you to have a deeper sleeping experience where you can participate in some REM sleep.

No matter which you choose, a portable vaporizer is an excellent choice to support your current situation to experience the added benefits that you are seeking to activate with this unique product.