What is a cannabis concentrate?

Cannabis concentrates

Cannabis concentrates

Different types of cannabis concentrates may be found. Medicated balms and edibles, for example, aren’t often as obvious as cannabis oil in vape cartridges. You’ve arrived to the perfect site if you want to learn all there is to know about a cannabis concentrate. In this section, we’ll cover some of the most prevalent varieties of cannabis concentrates, as well as how to choose the best product for your needs.


What is a cannabis concentrate?

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil
CBD oil or cannabidiol oil

When it comes to cannabis, concentrates allow you to experience it in many different ways, with a wide range of textures and techniques of consumption.


What are concentrates and extracts?

Cannabis concentrates are like that orange juice concentrate you keep in the back of your fridge since they condense down the plant’s most attractive elements. Cannabis flowers’ cannabinoids and terpenes are all preserved in these products, which don’t include any plant waste. Raw cannabis flowers contain a far lower concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes than marijuana extracts.


The effects, scent, and tastes of any cannabis product are all due to the cannabinoids and terpenes present. Small, glittering structures known as trichomes dot the cannabis plant. The trichomes that make up a cannabis concentrate are simply gathered together in a concentrated form. You may see them for yourself if you pick up any high-quality cannabis flower. The flower buds have the most obvious icy appendages, which cover the whole plant.


Cannabis concentrates come in a number of textures and may be eaten in a variety of ways, allowing you to get the most out of your cannabis experience. Potency may be increased in a variety of ways by using cannabis concentrates and extracts in various edible products, or they can be ingested straight from the concentrate or extract.


Is there a difference between a concentrate and an extract?


CBD oil, cannabis concentrate
CBD oil, cannabis concentrate

Many people use the phrases “concentrate” and “extract,” however there is a significant distinction between the two concepts. Using a solvent, a special sort of concentration known as an extract is created. Since extracts are concentrated, not all concentrations are extracts.


It’s a common practice to extract the flavoring vanillin from vanilla bean pods by using alcohol as a solvent. In the case of Rick Simpson Oil, alcohol may also be utilized to generate a cannabis extract (RSO). Alternatives to ethanol include supercritical CO2 for the extraction of cannabis wax and butane for Butane Hash Oil (BHO).


Without the use of solvents, trichomes are removed and gathered mechanically or physically to create concentrates. Concentrates like rosin, dry sift, and kief are all manufactured without the use of solvents.


Because they come in so many different textures, it’s impossible to differentiate one extract from another by sight alone.


How to consume cannabis concentrates

Vaping oil
Vaping oil

Not all concentration buyers are dabbers, just as not all concentrates are extracts. An inhalation of the very powerful vapor produced by heating a concentrate or extract to the point where it evaporates is known as dabbing. Concentrates are sometimes referred to as dabs since dabbing is the most prevalent technique of ingesting them. Vape pens, tinctures, topicals, consumables, and other delivery methods are also available for these goods.


Determine what you want to achieve before deciding which concentrates and methods of intake are ideal for you.


Top your flower for a low-maintenance potency increase

It’s easy to boost the strength of your weed by mixing in some powdered kief or wrapping it up in wax. You don’t need any of the pricey equipment to dab using these techniques, but you’ll still get more potency and taste from the concentrate. It’s easy to increase the strength of your weed by adding powdered kief or wrapping a joint in wax.


To get a powerful, fast-acting high, dab a joint.

The most common method of ingesting cannabis concentrates is via the use of a dab rig, which is a portable vaporizer. The nail or bong bowl equivalent of a dab rig is heated in this approach, and the concentrate is applied directly to the hot surface, transforming it into an inhalable vapor immediately. All of the nails on the majority of dab rigs are crafted from either glass or ceramic. In addition to the torch approach, there are various e-nails that are more user-friendly than the torch method.


Dab Rig with Torch

An inhalable vapor is created by placing the concentrate to a heated surface, such as a nail or a bong bowl equivalent on a dab rig. This method is called dabbing.

Dabbing and high THC levels aren’t always the same thing. CBD-rich dabs and pure CBD distillate are becoming increasingly popular due to it’s benefits as well, despite the fact that THC levels remain high.


Use a vape pen to get a quick, mild high on-the-go.

AirVape OM vape pen
AirVape OM vape pen

A discreet, convenient, and effective method to ingest cannabis concentrates is to use a cartridge pre-filled vape pen. You must be thinking:  So why am I not getting high from carts? While they won’t get you as high as a dab, they do have a quick onset of the effects. To use a pre-filled cartridge or an all-in-one device, you just need a battery or charger. The battery in the cartridge turns on a heating element, which then heats up the cannabis concentrate within.


In most cases, a button or a draw from the mouthpiece is all that is required to activate a vape pen. Pre-filled cartridges and pens cannot be refilled and must be thrown away after the concentrate has been used up, however batteries that can be removed and reused may be stored and used again.


The chamber of a dab pen is manually filled with any form of concentrate

You may want to use a dab pen instead of a dropper for additional control. The chamber of a dab pen is manually filled with any form of concentrate, and the chamber is connected to a battery by means of a connector. This approach combines the mobility of a pre-filled vape pen with the versatility of a dab rig.


Eat an edible for a long-lasting, non-smoking high.

Edibles are seldom discussed in the context of cannabis concentrates, yet this is a glaring omission. Cannabidiol (CBD) extracts are used to make both commercially available and home-made treats. These products don’t need any special equipment and may be tried by anybody.


Like dabs, they may offer a long-lasting and strong high depending on the dosage.” The onset time is the primary distinction between inhalables and edibles. When you inhale vapor or smoke, you’ll feel the effects almost immediately; when you consume an edible, it might take up to two hours to set in.


Using cannabis extracts in consumables, both commercially available and home-made, is a reality.


To receive specific relief, use a topical. ‘

Topicals, like foods, are often omitted from discussions about concentration. Concentrated varieties of cannabis, on the other hand, may be applied to the skin without causing a high. Concentrated versions of cannabis, when administered topically, may give focused treatment without inducing a high.



That’s all folks. I hope this article was helpful to your research about concentrates. Keep updated for more info!