vape pen

vape pen

Vape pens allow you to enjoy dry herbs, oils and wax in a simple and effective way. They are very similar to e-cigarettes and offer a great alternative to traditional smoking. There are devices that are designed to use only with dry herbs. Other so-called dab pens are specially designed for use with concentrates. Hybrids on the other hand work with most materials.

dry herb vaporizer
dry herb vaporizer

Why you should use a vape pen?

Imagine the use of it as a modern mobile phone. Small, lightweight, fits in any bag, and it is always ready when you need it. Pen vaporizers also work according to the same principles. They are very slim, light and handy, fit in any pocket and are ready in seconds.

vape pen

Thus, you are always a push of a button away of good taste and relaxation. Another advantage is the often-cheap acquisition of the devices compared to a desktop or portable vaporizer.



How to find a vape pen that is right for your needs?

The market for pen vaporizers is growing and becoming more and more diverse. New devices are released on a daily basis. If you know your needs, wishes and budget, it will be easier to find the right pen. To help you get started, we have selected a couple of devices below that we believe offer a solid start.

Linx Hypnos Zero

Thanks to its construction without coils, this very small vape pen, allows a gentle and even vaporization of your concentrates.


Useful accessories for a pen vaporizer:


There are some handy accessories for vape pens you should consider. A grinder is useful, if you want to vape herbs. A Stash Box for herbs or concentrates, a dabbing tool, a carrying case to protect the pen on the go and replaceable batteries or a power bank for travelling.



How to use a dab pen with concentrates?

dab pen
dab pen

First, make sure the vaporizer is designed for use with concentrates. A pea-sized amount of wax or oil is enough. Use a dabbing tool to help with the dosage. Either you can apply it directly to the coil or simply strip it in the chamber. Shatter can be divided into small pieces.

It is recommended to turn on the appliance for 1-2 seconds before using the appliance for the first time to warm the chamber. So, you make sure that the first draft also produces good steam.


How to use a dab pen with dry herbs?

Make sure that the device is suitable for use with herbs. The herbs should be finely ground. We recommend dry herbs because they release the active ingredient better than wet herbs. The chamber is filled and the herbs are lightly compressed with the filling tool. Do not press so tightly that the air circulation is restricted. For a good result, inhale slowly and evenly.

Wear parts:

Vape Pens have wear and tear parts such as chambers, coils and batteries that need to be replaced from time to time. After all, this can ultimately go into the money and should be taken into account when choosing the right device.


General cleaning

Warming up the vape pens will definitely make the cleaning process easier and quicker. Warm temperatures help lessen the backlog in the heating chamber. CAUTION: Do not heat the chamber when empty! This could affect the proper functionality of the devices.

The parts such as heating chamber with coil should not be placed directly in alcohol. An iso-propylated Q-tip can be used to wipe out the chamber. The device should always be turned upside down. This prevents alcohol from entering the vaporizer and possibly damaging electronics.

TIP: For easy cleaning, place the vaporizer on a hotplate (cooker) and let stand for a few minutes at the lowest temperature setting (place aluminum foil or baking paper between the hot plate and the device). The oil becomes liquid and runs out of the vaporizer.

The regular cleaning of vape pens is very important. This prolongs the life of the device and ensures smooth operation every time.