What kind of weed should you use for vaping?



We’ve all been there before – scrolling through the dispensary menu, trying to pick out a strain of weed that’s just right for you. With so much variation in strains and effects, it can be difficult to decide. But for vaping purposes, there are different factors to take into account.

Different factors to take into account when choosing weed for vaping

Vaping in a dry herb vaporizer
Vaping in a dry herb vaporizer

The first factor is the dryness of your weed: how dry should it be?

If you look at the side of a jar of weed and see a lot of small crystals called kief or find yourself constantly sifting through your stash with a finger, then go ahead and use that as your herb for vaping purposes. If your pot is not dry and you have to break it apart into small pieces in order to fit into your vape, it might be too wet for vaping.


The second factor is the level of THC: the higher the better.

We can use different types of weed for vaping, such as sativa and indica, but according to a study done in 2014 by Humboldt State University, sativa strains are considered best for vaporizing owing to their high levels of THC. When choosing what kind of sativa strain which is best for vaping, you should choose one that has a relatively high THC content with low CBD levels or at least low enough that they do not inhibit the effects of THC.


The third factor is the type of vaporizer you are using.

The vape pen, for example, has a fixed temperature range and you can choose a strain that is best for vaping at that temperature. On the other hand, you can use an e-pipe which has much wider temperature scale and use different strains for vaping at different temperatures.


So, what kind of weed should you use for vaping?

Weed flower
Weed flower

Honestly, there are no rules when it comes to this but I have listed some that I feel are best suited to vaping:

Mango Kush

The Florida munchies kind. This strain will give you some serious euphoria and eat away at your spare time with a mild sedation effect which will keep your mind focused yet relaxed. This strain is best used for vaping around the mid-high range of temperatures.


The Kush with a sativa parentage. This strain is an indica that has a long, slow and smooth high with clear-headed creativity, allowing you to relax and focus until the effects wear off. It’s a good combination of power and relaxation when vaped at the high range of temperatures.

Orange Kush

Grows tall and carries a nice citrus taste at first, this strain will put you in a state of euphoria while keeping your mind active yet relaxed. This strain is best used for vaping around the mid-high range in temperature range.

Orange Diesel

These are different strains but they have a similar taste and effects. The edge goes to orange diesel though because it has the sativa effects of creativity and euphoria with the clear-headedness of the indica more so than Orange Kush. It’s not only great for vaping around the mid-high range in temperature range but also as a late-night smoke since it can help you to sleep better.

Green Crack

This strain was made for vaping. It is high in THC, giving you an intense euphoric buzz that makes your mind feel clear while pushing your creativity to higher levels. On the downside, this strain gives you a pretty strong sedative effect which makes it best for vaping around the high range of temperatures.

Tangerine Dream

There are many sativa hybrids out there but this one is one of the best for vaping. It has a nice tangerine smell and taste with a long-lasting indica high that is much more clear-headed than most other sativa strains. If you’re looking for something to help you relax then this is a nice option because of its sedative effect and its euphoric mind state that allows you to focus on tasks at hand. This strain is best used for vaping around the mid-high range in temperatures.

Purple Urkle

If you’re trying to find a strain that will help you with insomnia when you have those late nights where your mind keeps wandering then this is definitely one of the best options for vaping. On the other hand, if you want to get out of bed and go to work then its effects will keep your mind clear while pushing out creativity. This strain is best used for vaping around the mid-high range in temperatures.


CBD rich strains

cannabis flower
cannabis flower

There are also various CBD rich strains of weed that can be used for vaping, especially if you are looking for an alternative to smoking because it won’t cause cancer, doesn’t give you as strong a high and is much more environmentally friendly.


Blue Dream

One of the strongest sativa hybrids, Blue Dream is a nice blend of Indica and Sativa that gives you a happy energetic high that is best for vaping at the high range of temperatures.


A cross between two indica dominant strains, this strain has a nice fruity taste and aroma with pain relief qualities without giving you too strong a feeling. It’s best for vaping at the mid-range of temperatures.


This CBD rich strain will give you an uplifting cerebral high with creativity, euphoria and focus but also some serious relaxation for long-lasting health benefits such as stress reduction. It can be used in an e-pipe at any temperature range.


The effects that cannabis has on users are something that will surely help you figure out what kind of weed strain is best for you. So here we are today, answering the question of what strain should you use for vaping?

While there is no definite answer as to which one is best, it’s really just a matter of choice. There are some strains that are better suited to vaping than others and I think that those that I have listed above are good options if you want to try cannabis for the first time or take another vaper back on the path of Reefer Madness after they’ve had a few too many.